About us

Gain confidence, develop study skills and improve grades. Preeti Academy has proactively helped thousands of students get better grades in school, and score well in competitive tests with tutoring. Preeti Academy offers one-to-one learning solution and founded in 2009 by educator Preeti Bhasin to provide world-class education for everyone.

Unlike those who provide instant tutoring or homework help only, our teachers spend time preparing for the sessions. Though our sessions are prescheduled, the student is free to contact the teacher for any help. Thus, when a student spends an hour with Preeti Academy tutor, the tutor herself would have spent more than one hour for that student. The teacher knows her students’ strengths and weaknesses, and works for the long-term success of the student, unlike instant tutors who think of that day’s homework only. Instant tutors keep changing every day, and it is difficult for them to get into the root causes of a student’s issues, needs, and concerns. In Preeti Academy’s teacher builds a good rapport with the student, helping instil in the student a desire to learn. Our English classes academically it’s a mandate to clear in English irrespective of whatever field you choose to take. Children find it extremely difficult to cope with the high standards of language that is expected at IG level.

We channelize their thoughts and teach them the correct methodology. This will help them in writing good essays. Understanding of the language will improve their comprehensive skills. Good vocabulary will colour the language and they will achieve the desired marks. We prepare for the post of Upper Division Clerk (UDC) for different Regions in ESIC (Employees state insurance corporation)and for GMAT exam, While your focus right now is on preparing for the GMAT, don’t ignore Preeti Academy for best result.